08 Apr 2024

Tela de conferência LED all-in-one máquina P0.93 instalada em Dubai

Nowadays, the prevalence of LED conference all-in-one machines in meeting rooms is on the rise, gradually supplanting traditional LCD monitors and projectors. This product is largely attributed to the superior qualities of LED technology, such as its vibrant color display, high brightness levels, and seamless, gap-free large size, making it a preferred choice for indoor applications over LCD monitors. In March, Innovision LED team delivered a remarkable 163-inch LED all-in-one machine to Dubai,
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03 Apr 2024

LED transparente filme tela cristal chip display amostra P10 para o cliente do Oriente Médio

The Innovision team has just completed a sample of an important project and it's about to send it to our esteemed customer in the Middle East soon. This sample is a P10 transparent film screen with a standard module size of 1000X240mm, thickness of only 1mm, and a brightness of 3500nits. It does not require any tools and can be directly pasted on glass or acrylic panels.     The transparent film crystal chip screen product has 4 main advantages as below: High Permeabili
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29 Mar 2024

LED Placas de janela transparentes instaladas no Super Mall

In today's fastly-delveloped advertising field, the utilization of LED transparent displays on windows has become increasingly prevalent as a powerful tool for showcasing commercial advertisements and promoting brands. The seamless integration of these LED transparent window signs behind windows offers unparalleled convenience, eliminating the need for complex construction processes or government authorization because of it's small size, thereby streamlining the installation process for
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28 Mar 2024

Aplicação de Telão LED Dupla Face no Transporte Público

In today's context of rapid urbanization, public transportation systems play a key role in connecting every corner of the city. In order to improve passengers' travel experience, increase information transmission efficiency and enhance the city's image, more and more cities have begun to widely use Double-sided LED Screens in public transportation systems. This advanced display technology brings many conveniences and advantages to urban public transportation. Improve information t
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